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“These are pics of namecards we collected from last conference, tag them and add to our database.”
“We’re hosting an event next month, find people to reach out to who are potential speakers / exhibitors / sponsors.”
“Draft personalized emails to everyone on this list - goal is to get a call / meeting re. potential partnership. ”
“Tell me about company X, including founders, prev. rounds and competitors. ”
“Send Amy and James quick background info on the guys we’re meeting this afternoon.”
“Maggie is working on a series of blog posts on Big Data, send her interesting articles with summaries.”
“Remind me call him back tomorrow morning.”
“I jotted down some inspirations on the napkin - tag it and save under the new initiative.”

Breeze Through Your Namecards

Text Nettrons the namecards, and it will handle the rest. First it will look up the Person and Company on the namecard in it's own database, which has millions of records. It will find matching record and generate tags. Then it add the Person and Company to your database. It also gives you a snapshot of what was just added, and you have the chance to add any info, like a note. Later, you'll be able to leverage this information when you have a relevant business goal comes up.(Search, Personalize)

XYZ Capital

Kristen Smith


Email: kristen@xyzcapital.com

Tel: (650)924-3878Mobile: (650)621-6285

HQ: 1802 Denver Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94102

Silicon Valley | New York


Adding "Kristen Smith" and "XYZ Capital" to your network.
Name: Kristen Smith
Type: Person
Title: Partner at XYZ Capital
Education: B.A. Economics at ABC University
Emails: kristen@xyzcapital.com
Tags: venture-capital, big-data, adtech

OrgName: XYZ Capital
Type: Company
Location: 1802 Denver Avenue, Palo Alto Portfolio Companies: ...
Tags: venture-capital, finance, financial-services, adtech, drones

Search Your Extended Network

“We’re thinking of hosting an event next month on topic x, make a list of people to reach out to who are potential speakers / exhibitors / sponsors.”

“Travelling to LA next week, who should I meet up with? Esp anyone in adtech or drones.”

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