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Nettrons is the most effortless way for you to find the exact people you've been looking for.

Intuitive Input, Smart Augmentation

No filters, no booleans. Simply enter what you're looking for in a smooth English sentence. Nettrons will absorb it, augment it, and automatically generate a dozen search criteria.

Deep matching, actionable results

Proprietary ranking algorithm makes sure that the candidate that matches most of your criteria consistently pops up on top, not the guy who writes "SaaS" 11 times in his profile.

Smart Ranking

Ranking that thinks like you, and won't be tricked by buzzword profiles.

Connected Data Graph

Filter directly on high-level concepts. No more hours spent on manual drill-downs.

Explainable AI

Quickly decide each profile's relevancy with our note that explains precisely how it fits your criteria.

Once you've found promising candidates...

Nettrons has everything you need to find email addresses, reach out, keep an active radar on similar people, and pass them on to your other tools.

Contact them

We've scoured the web to find their public contact info, so you can easily reach out via email or Linkedin.

Add them to powerful People Pools

Smart radars identify new and better matches on autopilot. Every time you add new people, the radar gets more accurate.

Export to your favorite ATS / CRM

Export via csv or contact us to see if we integrate with your existing tech stack.