Pitch high-quality people
& build employer brand
@ intimate & invite-only
startup fireside chats.

Learn how client companies win at our events.

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How it works

We learn who you want to hire.

We sit down with you to learn everything about what you're looking for in an ideal candidate, then distill that learning into custom machine learning models for your roles.

We also automatically collect your existing teammate profiles to benchmark for background fit.

We build you a high-quality audience.

We find another client company who are hiring roughly the same people as you, then come up with an appealing theme for the fireside chat - e.g. "AI+Biotech: How to accelerate clinical trials with data science".

We then identify and invite 20 - 30 people who are among the top 5% of your target candidates to join the event.

Our handcrafted invitation emails achieve a 25% response rate.

You pitch to and connect with high-quality candidates at the event.

On the day of the event, you and the other participating company will each give a 5 - 10 min talk, followed by Q&A session, an informal panel discussion, and free mingling sessions.

We'll handle the logistics and facilitate the conversation as moderators.

You'll get the attendees list before the event. We'll work with you to decide which candidates to focus on, how to best spend your time at the event, as well as making intros before, during and after the event, and encouraging candidates to reach out to you.

Our results

Meet high-quality candidates quickly.

Our clients average 5 in-process candidates per event.

Pitch people you otherwise can't reach.

Our 25% response rate is much higher than traditional recruiting outreach, because meetups are more fun than a straight-up interview.

Build strong employer brand among the best people.

Build a strong brand among the right audience, and start cultivating relationships with them.

What our customers are saying

Neuralink hires some of the most specialized and sought after engineers in the world. Thanks to Nettrons we extended 9 offers and hired 6 world class engineers.

Charles Guillemet

Head of Recruiting @ Neuralink

Congratulations on hosting a great event last night! Aaron, Jon, and I enjoyed ourselves, and we thought that you convened an interesting and engaged audience.

Graham Siegel

COO @ Unlearn.AI

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